Let's Gopherit!: Gopher Species of North America

Gopher Species of North America

Gopher Species of North America: Going for It, Just Like Gophers Do!

At Gopherit, we're all about embracing life's adventures, big and small. Our clothing brand is a celebration of going for it, just like the gophers that inspire us. What's Gopherit, you ask? It's a play on the words "Go For It," and it's all about inspiring people to try new things, chase their dreams, and live life to the fullest.

Our clothing, merchandise, and apparel feature graphic designs of gophers doing all sorts of exciting and mundane activities, from skateboarding and skydiving to weightlifting and shopping. Whether it's sipping coffee, going for a skate, jackin steel, slingin frisbee, indulging in a shopping spree, dancing your heart out, or practicing martial arts, our gophers are here to remind you that there's no adventure too big or too small to embark on.

Just like the diverse gopher species found across North America, we believe in diversity and embracing all aspects of life. So, as you learn about these fascinating creatures and their unique traits, we invite you to also reflect on your own dreams and aspirations. It's a wild world out there, and with a little inspiration from our gopher friends, you too can gopherit!

Join us as we explore the incredible world of North American gophers, each with its own story, habitat, and role in the ecosystem. And as you dive into their fascinating world, remember that you too can be a gopher—bold, determined, and always ready to chase your dreams.


Gopher Species of North America

1. Plains Pocket Gopher (Geomys bursarius)

Range: Central United States, including Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.
Diet: Plains pocket gophers primarily feed on underground plant parts like roots, bulbs, and tubers. They are herbivores and have specialized, chisel-like teeth for gnawing plant material.
Predators: Predators of Plains pocket gophers include snakes, owls, hawks, foxes, and domestic cats and dogs.
Habitat: They inhabit grasslands, prairies, and agricultural fields.
Fun Fact: Plains pocket gophers are excellent diggers and can create extensive tunnel systems, which help aerate the soil and improve its quality.
Learn More: Wikipedia: Plains Pocket Gopher

2. Northern Pocket Gopher (Thomomys talpoides)

Range: Northern United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico.
Diet: Northern pocket gophers have a herbivorous diet, primarily consuming roots, tubers, and plant stems.
Predators: Predators include weasels, snakes, foxes, and raptors like hawks and owls.
Habitat: They live in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, meadows, and forests.
Fun Fact: Northern pocket gophers have specialized pouches in their cheeks for carrying food and nesting materials. These pouches can stretch to several times the size of their heads!
Learn More: Wikipedia: Northern Pocket Gopher

3. Botta's Pocket Gopher (Thomomys bottae)

Range: Western United States, especially California and Arizona.
Diet: Botta's pocket gophers are herbivores, feeding on plant roots, bulbs, and vegetation.
Predators: Predators include coyotes, badgers, snakes, and birds of prey.
Habitat: They inhabit grasslands, chaparral, and desert regions.
Fun Fact: Botta's pocket gophers are territorial and aggressively defend their burrows. They are known for their extensive tunnel systems, which can influence the structure of the soil.
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5. Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher (Pappogeomys castanops)

Range: Southwestern United States and northern Mexico.
Diet: Yellow-faced pocket gophers consume roots, bulbs, and other underground plant parts.
Predators: Predators include snakes, hawks, owls, and terrestrial carnivores.
Habitat: They inhabit arid regions, grasslands, and desert environments.
Fun Fact: These gophers have distinctive yellowish facial markings, making them easily recognizable among other species. They are also known for their complex burrow systems.
Learn More: Wikipedia: Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher

6. Southern Pocket Gopher (Geomys pinetis)

Range: Southeastern United States, including Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.
Diet: Southern pocket gophers primarily feed on underground plant parts, including roots, bulbs, and tubers.
Predators: Predators include snakes, hawks, owls, and small to medium-sized mammals.
Habitat: They are typically found in sandy soils of the southeastern United States.
Fun Fact: Southern pocket gophers play a crucial role in soil aeration and nutrient cycling in their habitats due to their extensive tunneling.
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7. Mazama Pocket Gopher (Thomomys mazama)

Range: Western United States, from Washington to California, and east to Colorado.
Diet: Mazama pocket gophers feed on plant roots, tubers, and vegetation found underground.
Predators: Predators include snakes, owls, hawks, and terrestrial predators like weasels.
Habitat: They inhabit a variety of environments, including grasslands, meadows, and shrublands in the western United States.
Fun Fact: Mazama pocket gophers have relatively short tails and large cheek pouches for carrying food and materials. Their burrowing activities can have a significant impact on the local ecosystem.
Learn More: Wikipedia: Mazama Pocket Gopher

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