Summer 2024 - Gopherit Art Competition

Greetings Handlers!

The following rules and requirements apply for the first-ever Summer 2024 Gopherit Art Competition.


  • We will not use any submitted material without compensating the artists. We reserve the right to offer any contestant compensation for their art outside of the competition. If an offer is made, it will be at the third-place award amount, and the artist will receive the same recognition.
  • We reserve the right to modify rules based on the number of submissions. For example, we may need to add preliminary rounds if there are too many submissions.
  • Please read the entire competition rules and requirements for submission. If after reading you have any questions, please send them to

Submission Deadline:

  • Submission deadline: July 31, 2024, by 12 PM EST.

Submission Requirements:

  • Please submit your entry to by the deadline. Include your name or pseudonym and Instagram profile for tagging/credit.
  • Your submission must be in digital format with a removable or transparent background.
  • The aspect ratio for your submission should be 4:5. If selected, a high-resolution image will be requested.
  • We will not tolerate any sort of profanity, racism, or adult content. Gopherit is for all.
  • AI art is strictly prohibited; all art will be screened.
  • Artists are limited to 1 submission per competition.
  • Your submission should fit the themes of Gopherit. If you aren’t sure what those themes are, please watch some of our videos, read the book, or ask us!

Selection Process:

  • Selection of winners will be voted on publicly by followers on Instagram. We will follow a simple head-to-head bracket with single elimination.
  • Once the submission deadline closes, we will begin posting one matchup per day at 9:00 PM EST. Depending on the number of submissions, this timeline may vary.
  • 24 hours after the final matchup of a round is posted, all voting will be finalized and captured. This will determine round winners and subsequent rounds. Matchups will remain open for voting for the entire round.
  • Seeds will be randomly determined.
  • We will review each round and post results.
  • There will be no moderation of artists promoting their entry into the competition. However, we reserve the right to disqualify an entry if we feel there has been any unethical or unfair behavior.
  • The top three winners will be selected and awarded as outlined.


  • All participants will receive recognition on Instagram for their work. They will be tagged and promoted as part of this competition.
  • The top three winners will be awarded prize money as shown below by placement. They will also be added to the artist spotlight on our website and featured in a post as winners of the competition.
  • The top three entries will be featured on merchandise!
    • 1st place: $100 (USD) + t-shirt with their art & hat
    • 2nd place: $60 (USD)  + t-shirt with their art & hat
    • 3rd place: $40 (USD) + t-shirt with their art & hat
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